Carissa DePietro  (right) with Nancy Smith-Watson

Carissa DePietro (right) with Nancy Smith-Watson


Wounds of a Soldier

by Carissa DePietro


The wounds of a soldier

Run deep to the soul

The scars that they bare

Our stories untold.

The darkest moments

Civilians don't see

For they do not know

The depths that we grieve.

One moment so proud

We're all standing tall

The next in a corner

Broken, so small.

So what do we do

How do we breath

How do we move on

How can we be free

Step number one

 so simple yet true

Listen to my story

it's right here for you.

John M. Buck (left) works a scene with FoC staff.

John M. Buck (left) works a scene with FoC staff.

Vets' Voices

I need someone to talk to
Whether it’s the Lord or a lover
We all need someone to talk to, from time to time
Whether it’s a friend or a stranger
We all need someone to talk to from time to time
Whether it’s a stranger a friend the Lord or a lover
We all need someone to talk to from time to time
Then you will never be alone
And you will have a friend and the Lord
To talk to from time to time
We all need someone to talk to
Whether it’s a friend a stranger the Lord or a lover
We all need someone to talk to from time to time

John M. Buck, USMC

FoC Intensive, Oct. 2013



Finding My Voice

In memorium: Tomra Lynn Gorski attended our very first weekend intensive and the next six after that.The first weekend she missed was the weekend we lost her. She was our most devoted participant, fan and dear friend. She is always missed and never forgotten. FoC thanks you for your service.


When asked to sum up the Feast of Crispian in a few words, perhaps they didn’t think about who they asked to do this. This group and experience has so impacted my life that it is difficult to summarize easily.

From someone with almost dreaded thoughts of Shakespeare to rapidly turn into an enthusiast, is in my opinion a major part of the battle. I found an inner reserve of emotions that I now have a way to tap. A point found to access some of the pain and express it in a safe and healthy way. To attach my feelings to thoughts, not just verbalizing but opening up to let myself encounter the sentiment, as well as to having an empathetic response. I thereby was acknowledging those hidden or trapped emotions.

It created a gateway to grab onto some elusive emotion that may have been locked inside for years, sometimes without me being conscious of it, is an amazing discovery and such a blessing.

I have now participated in two of these weekends and hope to be asked to participate in as many as they will include me in. Thank you to all who made The Feast of Crispian a reality, I salute you.

Tomra Lynn Gorski
United States Air Force


Don't have a partner.
Don't know any tunes.
Steps flit like phantoms
Of flashing harpoons.
The rhythms increase.
Beats pound in my head.
Eyes closed, unwilling,
Afraid of the dread . . .
Partners are set up.
The steps are laid out.
Conductors direct,
"Step farther;  Don't doubt."
A soul in their hands,
My heart loses fear.
Steps:  looser, bolder;
Some progress is clear.

Conductors provide
Their best tunes for us.
All of the dancers
Have added their plus.
Shakespeare Company
Have given kind hearts
To succor Veterans
Whose lives tore in parts.
They gave us tinctures
To heal our deep wounds.
We're proud;  We're thankful
To dance to their tunes.


Nicolette Fuller
United States Army



In the process of putting together our ALL VETERAN production of Julius Caesar in 2015, we had the honor and pleasure of welcoming Darden Smith, Founder of Songwriting with Soldiers. Darden worked with our veterans who, inspired by the questions asked by Murellus calling out the fickle and ignorant citizens, came up with their own set of questions.


Darden Smith / Veteran cast of JC



Why go to war in the first place

Why take the children we raised

And send them off to war in the first place

Could there be a better way


Maybe it's a loaded question

But what makes you think you're right?

And why does everybody have to be like us?

Is it arrogance, is it pride?


What did I do to deserve this?

After all that I've done?

Why do you not welcome me?

Now that I've come home


How big was your anger?

How big was your rage?

Did you get what you needed?

Do you feel good today?


Coming from where we come from

Did we have a choice?

Why don't you see me?

Can you hear my voice?


If I was homeless, brother

Help me understand

Is it just because I'm a soldier

That you shake my hand?


Is it because I'm a woman

That you see me second best

You don't know what I've been through

Still you give me no respect


What about the ones not with us

What about the ones long gone

What about the ones that gave their lives

Who'll be singing their song


© 2015 Darden Smith Music

Darden also helped the veterans create an original cadence which then opened the show.


Darden Smith / Veteran cast of JC



Back in 1599

Shakespeare wrote these fucking lines

Some are sacred some profane

Tonight we're playing Shakespeare's game


Cassius Brutus on one team

Then there is Marc Antony

In the middle Caesar stands

Many knives in many hands


They'd have all had longer lives

If they'd listened to their wives

Careful what you're wishing for

You let slip the dogs of war


Power games they never end

All are losers no one wins

Nothing ever is the same

Once the dogs are off the chain


Once the dogs are off the chain

Once the dogs are off the chain

Once the dogs are off the chain


© 2015 Darden Smith Music


Nicolette Fuller talks with FoC’s Jim Tasse