Feast of Crispian in the news


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Jim Higgins
June 20, 2018

Feast of Crispian, which serves veterans, will be Milwaukee Rep resident theater group

Feast of Crispian, which brings professional actors together with post-deployment military veterans, will be Milwaukee Repertory Theatre's resident theater company during the 2018-'19 season, the two groups announced Wednesday in a joint statement.

Radio Milwaukee 88Nine
By Makenzie Boettcher
June 21, 2016

Vets find healing through Shakespeare

“The problem with the military is you keep things in, you keep things in, and then they just build and they just sit there… this kind of allows you to release it in a way that’s healthy.”

This past Saturday afternoon, the basement of St. John’s church was filled with veterans. And it was all thanks to a rather unusual character: William Shakespeare. FULL ARTICLE

Wisconsin Life
By Trevor Keller
November 10, 2016

Shakespeare Workshop Helps Veterans Heal

Milwaukee actor and therapist Nancy Smith-Watson and her husband have always loved Shakespeare.

“Shakespeare tells the best stories. He tells them in the most beautiful, poetic language, and that really offers a place to put big anger, big grief, big joy, big anything you’ve got, and gives it a place to go,” Smith-Watson said. FULL ARTICLE

Associated Press
National distribution
October 8, 2015

Shakespeare Helping Veterans Find their Voice

A group of Milwaukee area actors are using William Shakespeare's plays to help veterans. The effort is called "Feast of Crispian," taken from a speech Henry V made in Shakespeare's play by the same name to boost morale before a battle.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Meg Jones
November 16, 2014

Program helps veterans through words of Shakespeare

Achilles stared down Hector. The two warriors warily circled each other, verbally flexing their muscles in a war of words. The scene comes late in Shakespeare's play "Troilus and Cressida," and Chris Nickrant (Achilles) and Jeff Peterson (Hector) had not memorized the lines where their characters boast how they will kill each other. FULL ARTICLE