Our Mission

Feast of Crispian strengthens the personal emotional resources available to military veterans, their families, and others who are navigating trauma using the practice and skills of theatre combined with the timeless themes and imagistic language of Shakespeare. The heart of this resource is gained through experiential exploring and expressing personal stories through the words of these plays and utilizing the collaborative practice of theatre to deepen the emotional resources needed for healthy relationships and a satisfying life.  

Core Values

DIGNITY – We believe that every human being deserves to be seen and heard and that healing is built upon honoring the dignity of the whole person and their story as they tell it.  

EMPOWERMENT - We strengthen the personal emotional resources available to service veterans and others in relation to trauma

SUPPORT – We create a community of connection and understanding for the emotional life of people suffering from and witness to trauma and its related effects.

COURAGEOUS COMPASSION - We create the ability to see and be seen, hear and be heard, in the entirety of one’s story without judgement, regardless of the specifics of the traumatic experience.

SOCIETAL AND PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION - We believe that as citizens we must stand as witness and take on responsibility for the re-integration of our traumatized compatriots. When done, both the community and the individual create pathways to healing trauma, transforming the conditions that created it, and envisioning new ways for all citizens to contribute meaningfully to society.