Feast of Crispian is proud Fiscal Sponsor of On The Wing: Sketchbooks

On The Wing: A Sketchbook Project

On The Wing: A Sketchbook Project


Feast of Crispian (FoC) is pleased to be collaborating with Debra Brehmer of Portrait Society Gallery on their exciting and thoughtful project On The Wing: Sketchbooks.

On the Wing provides sketchbooks and pens/pencils to at-risk individuals who are invited to fill the sketchbook with drawings, paintings, notes, stories. When the sketchbook is complete, if it meets our criteria, it is purchased back for $50. The intent is to give voice and visibility to an often disempowered, isolated population. More significantly, the sketchbook provides a private moment of creative focus, which is hard to put a value on. 

All of the money raised goes toward purchasing sketchbooks, pens/pencils and small paint sets, arranging collaborative relationships with shelters and other non-profits who serve diverse populations, running a class at House of Peace and administering and promoting the project via a part-time gallery employee, and funding the purchase of the finished sketchbooks. 

  • $10 purchases a sketchbook.

  • $20 purchases sketchbook and pen set.

  • $50 pays one participant for their sketchbook.

  • $100 completes the full cycle of one sketchbook.

  • More than $100 says "YES!" Make this happen. 'Great idea to integrate the art world and marginalized homeless populations in a shared endeavor to tap the power of authorship and invention.' Sometimes, the most simple gesture, like signing your name, underscores a sense of self. Think what a whole sketchbook might do!

Please make a donation or consider a sponsorship for this project. On The Wing, in its initial two years, has already had a significant impact on the lives of dozens of individuals who may not have access to art resources, lifting them up, providing artistic outlet, and financial reward. Veterans are disproportionately represented in at-risk populations, so we at Feast of Crispian see this as a natural extension of our work.

Any donation is gratefully accepted and will go toward expanding the outlets for artistic enterprise. All donations are tax exempt. Thank you!


Feast Of Crispian is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization

(IRS EIN 81-0689965) All donations are tax deductible on federal and state income taxes.

Interested in a sponsorship? Please contact Feast of Crispian for further information.